Trail of Destruction

Trail of Destruction


Brad Newcomb believes he is destined to be President of the United States.  When he has an affair with a staff member and gets her pregnant, there is nothing he won’t do to fulfill his destiny – including murder.

Brad’s brother, Ryan, is a journalist who uncovers the story and is faced with a monumental decision that could determine the fate of the entire country: bury the truth and see a murderer elected president or destroy his brother’s life.

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 A Tangled Web

A Tangled Web


Divorce is unpleasant and messy. Murder is simple. Cathy Nelson is a young, successful career woman and mother. When her marriage sours, she turns to a time-honored solution: arsenic.

Toni Ambrose is a young, but relentless detective, assigned to the murder case. Her instincts tell her that Cathy is guilty and she defies her superiors to doggedly build a case against this black widow disguised as a grieving wife.

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